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Professional Shrink Wrapping in the Tri-State Area


Covers. Packaging. Protection.

Tri-State Shrink Wrapping was created to provide all-season protection for your most valuable assets. We are committed to providing the highest level of quality workmanship, customer service, and competitive pricing in our industry.

Shrink wrapping is the safe, clean, and cost effective way to maintain your important investments from the elements for short or long-term storage, transportation, or containment.  

Shrink-Wrapping + Services FAQ

Why should I shrink wrap my furniture?


Shrink wrapping is a secure, cost effective way to protect your outdoor investments from the harsh winter weather. It also protects it from fading from ultraviolet rays. It saves time, energy, and room. You do not have to relocate it into a indoor location.


Does mold or mildew form inside of the shrink wrap?


Tri-state shrink wrapping will make sure each bundle of furniture is properly sealed and vented so no moisture or mildew accumulates inside.


Why can't I use a tarp to cover my furniture?


Regular tarps do not withstand ice, snow, wind, and rain.

You will constantly have to go out and fix and secure regular tarps. Your furniture will have to be cleaned thoroughly.


Do you remove the shrink wrap in the spring?


It is very easy for the home owner to remove the shrink wrap on their own.


What material is the shrink wrap?


The shrink wrap is a 7ml marine-grade shrink wrap. That guarantees up to twelve months of ultra-violet protection.

Have more questions? Contact us today. 

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